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Final Fantasy XVI [33 articles]”href =” Fantasy 16The producer confirmed that the game uses only British English and has no American accent, to channel the medieval European environment.

Speaking of a Japanese publication Network status,, Naoki Yoshida [34 articles]”href =” Yoshida he said all the work of recording the voice and movement in the game was done by European actors, so as not to shatter the expectations of American players that the characters in the cast should have a British accent.

“This is especially true of our generation, but there is an image popularized by‘ Medieval Fantasy = Europe ’by The Lord of the Rings,” he said.

“Currently, there is no game that depicts a medieval fantasy world of this scale with PS5 class graphics. So we decided to focus on the landscape of medieval Europe and merge it with the fantasy we came up with. ”

Yoshida continued: “This time the recording of the movement and the voice acting are performed by European actors. However, since we Japanese designed the game, we first wrote the script in Japanese, then translated it into English, and then did a face recording in English.

“But even though it’s in English, we were careful not to include any American accents. The decision was made to prevent American players from getting angry: ‘I was looking forward to the medieval European fantasy, so why are there American accents ?!’ (Laughter). Therefore, all lines were recorded in British English. ”

Final Fantasy 16 was announced last summer as PlayStation 5 [3,243 articles]”href =” 5 exclusive edition. The game has a medieval-inspired setting and, according to announcements, includes a cast of mostly British voice actors.

The producer confirms that Final Fantasy 16 uses

Yoshida recently claimed the game is at the end of development. That’s after he said it last December Final Fantasy XVI was delayed in development for almost half a year.

Yoshida also recently claimed that the game will have a a unique approach to difficulties.

In an interview with FamitsuYoshida explained that the game will have an action-based combat system, similar to something like Kingdom Hearts, rather than a traditional move-based battle system as seen in most of the previous ones. Final Fantasy games [121 articles]”href =” Fantasy games.