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FromSoftware’s next game is ‘in the final stages’ of development – Engadget

FromSoftware fans may not have to wait years before they get a chance to play the company’s next game. In recent Japanese translated ,, director and president of From Hidetaka Miyazaki said the next game of his studio is in the “final stage” of development. Miyazaki shared the treat in response to a question about a previous interview he gave in 2018.

At the time, he said 4Gamer.net that FromSoftware worked on “three and a half games”. Since then, the studio has released all but one of those projects. In 2018, we got it and exclusively for PSVR Eradicated. This year From came out with Elden Ring, leaving only one of the projects Miyazaki mentioned in 2018 undeveloped. “Development is currently in its final stages,” he said 4Gamer.net this week when asked about the state of that game.

Miyazaki did not provide any other details about the project. However, some fans, referring to the Resetter , speculated that the unannounced game could be a new entry into Fromm’s long-running Armored Core series. The studio has not released a new major entry in the franchise since 2012. In the same interview, Miyazaki also said he is already working on his next play as a director, and that he would like to create a “more abstract fantasy” title for the future.

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