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Thank you for your purchase

New PS Plus levels they’re only a few days old here in Europe, but they’re already wreaking havoc in my inbox (which, let’s be real, is a total mess to begin with). If you don’t know, every time you buy something in the PlayStation Store, Sony will send you a confirmation email. Honestly, but you can get absolutely spam with these things if you claim a lot PS Plus games – just adding a title to your library counts as a ‘purchase’.

Here’s the thing: the subject of these emails has been instilling fear into my heart once a month for the past decade or so. When I sign in to my email account for a quick check, and I’m greeted by multiple emails that all say “Thank you for your purchase,” I immediately assume the worst. Even if it’s only brief, the thought flashes through my mind, “Oh God, someone hacked my PlayStation account!”

Then I remember adding games for PS Plus to my library this month or buying a game that came with multiple DLC packages – some of which appear as individual purchases. But again, just for a moment, these are panic stations.

And now, with PS Plus Premium, I’m adding more games to my library than ever before. I checked my email last night and the whole first page of my inbox said “Thank you for shopping” – I almost fell off my chair.

Obviously this soapbox isn’t entirely serious – having inbox that causes panic is an undeniable first-world problem – but heck Sony, there’s certainly a better way!

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