Valve developer urges players not to modify Steam Deck to use larger M.2 discs VGC – Chronicle of video games

AND Valve Corporation [210 articles]”href =” The developer has warned of players using a new mode that allows them to expand their own Steam [1,033 articles]”href =” Deck storage capacity with larger M.2 discs.

Lawrence Yang, a designer at Valve who is currently working on Steam Deck, responded to a GameSpot an article describing the mod on Twitter.

“Hi, please don’t do this,” Yang wrote. “The IR charger heats up a lot and the nearby thermal pads do not need to be moved. In addition, most 2242 m.2 drives draw more power and heat up than what the Deck is designed for.

“This mode may seem to work, but it will significantly shorten the life of your Deck.”

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By default, Steam Deck only supports the smallest line of M.2 drives, the 2230 series. However, a Twitter user @TheSmcelrea they posted pictures modifying their Steam Deck so larger models could work with the system.

This involved moving the thermal pads inside the system, which Valve strongly does not advise. While Valve was open to modifying the system, even in partnership with him iFixit to provide a complete list of replacement or optional partsand providing CAD files that players can use to print their own 3D shells for the device, it is significant that the machine designer opposes fashion so sharply.

Steam Deck offers several options for expanding to internal system storage, however the storage solutions that Steam Deck supports are, in many cases, slower than M.2 drives, so a mode has been created.