Jin from BTS is left without a T-shirt while flaunting his ‘7’ tattoo, reacts RM – Hindustan Times

BTS member Jin, aka Kim Seok-jin, honored fans with his T-shirt image on Sunday until he finally unveiled his new tattoo. As part of their group pact, he made himself a tattoo with the inscription “7” on the lower part of his waist. Sharing the picture, Jin wrote in Korean: “I also got a friendship tattoo.” (Also read: BTS: RM reveals its new tattoo ‘7’; THE ARMY is convinced that all seven have a tattooed friendship)

In the pictures, Jin can be seen with his back to the camera at his destination on the beach. A tattoo is visible on his waist. The picture not only attracted the attention of his fans, but was also commented on by BTS members. Shortly after he shared the post, J-Hope he wrote in comments: “Holy to him!” “Oh, I was shocked. I thought you weren’t wearing pants either,” the BTS leader joked. RM. To which Jin replied, “Then it is a crime.”

Jin’s images have now gone viral among fans on Twitter. The user wrote, “We live in a world where Jin showed the most skin of all in Bangtan in 2022. It wasn’t in my Chapter 2 bingo card.” “Kim Seokjin, you’ve been silent these few days and come back topless, shit, you’re driving me crazy,” another fan added. Someone else commented, “Don’t be ashamed. Turn to Kim Seokjin. ”

Prior to that, RM was the one who discovered his ‘7’ tattoo as a dedication to his band with RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. 7 was also the title of BTS ’album for 2020. Members have discussed several times before about getting matching tattoos and similar to Jin, others are likely to reveal their tattoos soon. They recently completed 9 years in the Korean entertainment industry.

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