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Support your playlists with this handy little app, now with no root option!

Shazam and SoundHound are useful tools when you’re out in the city and want to know what’s on other people’s soundtracks so you can download those songs and, perhaps, amplify your own playlists. However, Pixel phone owners have it pretty well because He’s playing now makes that ability passive. If you are jealous, we have a homebrew app that you can download and try out.

Ambient Music Mod comes from the hands of Kieron Quinn, a professional developer and friend of Android Police, and allows users to discover and identify songs on their phones on a passive basis. The recording and synchronization procedures are more or less the same as Now Playing. However, as Quinn explains in her post Medium, decided to bypass the detection of ambient music that would require a lot of customization and instead start with a model that uses a series of triggers such as turning on the device screen and programmed events and recording lengths. It’s a little more arbitrary in fashion, but the method also seems to work: Now Playing was able to identify every song played over five hours of radio, while AMM correctly figured out all but one.


It is fair to mention that Esper technical editor Mishaal Rahman participated in helping Quinn with this project.

With the release of version 2.0 last week, Quinn completely eliminated the need for root access for Android 12 and newer devices to make the app work – the package consists of the Ambient Music Mod app itself and a scaled-down, standalone version of Android Intelligence that runs Now Playing. Other built-in features include a notification album art, a history log of recognized songs, a dedicated mode that allows manually activated recognition attempts, and the ability to adjust the recording time.

You can try Ambient Music Mod by downloading and installing the latest version of the app Quinn’s GitHub repository.

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