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Seth Rogen’s worst film is restarting – a giant weird robot

Per James Brizuela
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seth rogen

We live in an age of reboots and remakes. Sometimes restarts succeed, leaving us to reconnect with stories that have been elevated to a certain degree. However, most often it is a reboot for movies that no one has been looking for or movies that should never be restarted. Unfortunately, a restart is happening that no one has asked for. Seth Rogen could be a funny man who has produced and acted in some excellent imagesbut one of his worse films is Green hornet. That movie is being made now restarted.

Run a new version Green hornet is a famous director, Leigh Whannell. This new version will be called Green Hornet and Kato. Whannell had previously collaborated with legend, James Wan. Leigh has written screenplays for such horror classics as Saw franchise, Upgradeand An invisible man. He was in conversations and for directing The wolf man a reboot with Ryan Gosling in the lead role, though it never happened. Leigh’s background focuses more on horror, but perhaps that could lead one to develop a great script for this new restart. At least that’s hope. While most might be concerned about relaunching this story, this time it could function as a franchise. We hope he succeeds better than the venture led by Seth Rogen.

Interestingly, the production company (Amasia Entertainment) that bought the rights to The Green Hornet consists of Bradley Gall and Micahel Helfant. Helfant was once president of Marvel Studios and was responsible for managing the ship when An iron man and The amazing Hulk They are made. Both of these films led to the creation of the MCU. Green Hornet and Kato maybe just in some good hands. Helfant could also see what Whannell brings to the table with these characters and allows the restart to move forward with a new perspective. Seth Rogen may have been a fan of the characters; he just couldn’t glue the ground floor of a potential franchise.

Green hornet it was initially a radio program that was adapted several times over the decades, based on its popularity. Movies, comics and television series were made that covered this team of superheroes in a great way. In one of them they starred Van Williams as the Green Hornet and Bruce Lee as Kato. However, despite Seth Rogen being one of the most popular actors at the time, the adapted version in which he was simply did not go well. He has been critically criticized for the humor in the film, which is Rogen’s strong point, but may not be appropriate for a film about superheroes. The film has a 44% critical rating and 43% viewers Rotten tomatoes. This led to the abandonment of planned sequels for that specific restart.

Seth Rogen is still one of the best minds when it comes to production, writing and actingbut his Green hornet the restart just didn’t fit. Many factors could have been involved, including the emergence of an MCU that embarrassed all other superhero attempts. Hopefully this new reboot will offer something we haven’t seen before.

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