Financier Bill Browder: Vladimir Putin has been a ‘psychopath’ since childhood and has no normal ‘human emotions’ – Yahoo News

  • Bill Browder, an enemy of Vladimir Putin, said the Russian president was mentally ill.

  • In a new documentary on Paramount +, Browder said Putin was ill as a “psychopath.”

  • There were rumors about Putin’s health – an oligarch was filmed who said he had blood cancer.

Vladimir Putin’s nemesis, investor Bill Browder, says the Russian president has been ill since childhood, but not in the way many think.

In a new documentary called “Secrets of Oligarch’s Wives,” which will air on Paramount + from June 28, Browder said Putin is ill and a “psychopath.” The wives of Russian billionaires paint a picture of a vengeful Russian leader who saw betrayal at every turn, forgave nothing, calculated everything and was jealous of their lifestyle.

Insider watched the documentary before his streaming debut. It begins with a 2010 recording of Putin singing in front of Western celebrities in St. Petersburg.

Browder is an international investor who once ran the largest foreign investment fund in Russia. He was banned from entering the country in 2005, “blacklisted” and called a “threat to national security” after accusing Russian tax officials of corruption and embezzlement.

Browder says in the documentary, “Putin is sick, but not in the way most people think Putin is sick. Putin is mentally ill, but he is mentally ill as a psychopath since childhood.”

“Putin’s illness means that he has no empathy, no conscience, no normal human emotions when it comes to the fate of other people,” Browder added.

There has been speculation about the Russian president’s health. The oligarch was secretly filmed saying Putin has “blood cancer” and said Oliver Stone, who made a four-part documentary about Putin he had cancer but he “licked” it.

Putin he seemed to be limping and sat a blanket in his lap during his public appearance on Victory Day in early May. Videos have also appeared that clearly show it clutching at the table and the appearance of yes shake uncontrollably.

Browder concluded that being a psychopath would “take him to all sorts of horrible crimes.”

Tatiana Fokina, whose partner Evgeny Chichvarkin was once worth more than $ 1.5 billion, says in the documentary that rumors about Putin’s health are “probably true,” and if they are, “it really scares me.”

“A person who is really sick doesn’t really care about what happens next,” Fokina added.

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