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The rear handrails for Warzone’s insane speed have just been given to Nerf – Gaming INTEL

The biggest balancing issues in Warzone Season 4 are now working as predicted, as the strap and leather grip no longer provide insane speed.

If you haven’t had a chance to dive into Warzone Season 4 yet, there’s something to enjoy. Not only do we have new weapons, a big balance patch, and big changes in Caldera, but there’s more.

The fourth official Warzone map is here with Fortune’s Keep. And for those who know where to look, Amazing Easter eggs by Fortune’s Keep players will find golden weapons, buried treasure and exciting secrets!

Warzone season 4

But the new season 4 update also brought with it some significant issues. The first is the dominance of this overwhelming load NZ-41 every Warzone player seems to benefit.

And the other is a ridiculous speed supplement provided by certain posture accessories.

The speed of movement of the Warzone belt and leather holder works as intended

If you enjoyed running around like Sonic the Hedgehog in Warzone, you might be sad to hear that the Taped & Leather Grip connectors have now been repaired.

For some reason, the Taped & Leather Grip on the Vanguard weapon would also increase the speed of movement to a ridiculous extent. Like that, Warzone is full of players zooming in on the map since the launch of Season 4.

But now all the quick stuff has to come to an end as the attachments finally get their nerve in Warzone. Probably the best though, The Vanguard weapon already has a crazy selection rate in Season 4!!

Warzone season 4

“The glued handle (and leather) are now“ as intended, ”says Raven Software developer Tully Ackland. The Warzone developer confirms that the attachment that caused such a big increase in player speed was a mistake after all.

But this may not forever be the end of high-speed Warzone as Ackland states that the problem could spur the creation of a new LTM mode. Speaking of limited time modes, Warzone players are currently looking for a playlist for Modern Warfare onlyto take us back to the good old days of the Battle Royale launch.

And that wasn’t all Ackland had to say about the current state of Warzone. Shortly afterwards, the developer commented on a a potential nerf who comes up with one of Warzone Season 4’s strongest weapons!!

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