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Oh, today we have good news, zodiac signs: The moon in the conjunction Venus is in the city, and he brought a friend, the lunar trine Jupiter.

Between these two transits, we should look at excellent relationship updates. Today, new beginnings are happening in love, and already established affair seems to be on the rise.

Today brings with it a happy vibe, and good news would surely come in handy.

One of the reasons why we can feel strong happy in love on this day, June 26thbecause suddenly our projections of the future seem possible.

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Our comrades are on our side and there seems to be a pleasant ‘feeling’ in the air today as if no one nearby wants anything but peace. Imagine that. A day where no one wants trouble, no one causes aggravation and everyone is on the same side. Holy smoke, it’s a really good day!

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And that’s what you get when you have a big, beautiful Jupiter transit that mixes with a big, beautiful event on Venus. These two transits work together to create peace in the household, as well as goals and plans for the couple in love.

This is also a great and very happy day for people looking for love.

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