Bloomsbury celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Philosopher’s Stone with a special edition of the book and asking fans for their best memories – Wizarding World

In the video, we meet fans like Ben who learned from books to ‘accept yourself, love yourself’. Charlotte talks about her dyslexia growing up, but says Harry Potter helped her get over it. “That book opened my relationship with literature. I will always be grateful for the accessibility that the Harry Potter books have offered me, ”she says.

Bloomsbury also spoke to fans like Catie, who recalled “struggling to fit into school because I was more interested in books and knowledge than sports,” while Amy told a touching story of finding books after falling behind in school after heart surgery. “I had never read an entire book (outside of school) before and the thought of reading was terrifying. But I decided to give it a try. I read the first book slowly, which took me about 3 months (my reading and writing were still very backward at the time), but I loved every word. ”

Inspired, we also decided on a little souvenir trip and asked our companions for some of their memories. We just don’t have enough of your stories!

Susan picked a favorite moment on Facebook that we’re sure you can identify with: “I snuck in from the first page, but my favorite part is when Hagrid breaks down the door of that hut on the island, tells Harry he’s a wizard and tells Dursley to go fill it up . Then they take that boat to the beginning of Harry’s amazing new life. “

Laura said on Instagram: “I picked up my copy at a school car sale when the third book had just been published and I got hooked on magic. I found out years later that this is the first edition. ”

Vale said on Twitter: “I was 7 years old when I found it Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone under the Christmas tree. I read it over the holidays and fell in love so much that I played scenes with my sister. We used what we had for costumes and props (the magic wands were straws wrapped in aluminum paper. ”

It’s been 25 years, and people still remember the exact moment they entered the world of wizards. Here’s one very special silver anniversary – and on until the next one!

Note: The answers to this article are edited for spelling / grammar / clarity.

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