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The three zodiac signs that have the most luck in love in the week of June 27 to July 3, 2022 believe that energy supports romance and their relationships in many ways.

There is something to look forward to this week as several hefty transits await us, and many of them provide support in terms of love, romance and long-term relationships.

One of our main allies is the transit of the lunar sextile Mars in Aries, which causes in us not only the need for good communication with our lovers but also the ability to make something good out of our conversation. This week we will build bridges made of thoughts, and these bridges will make it easier for us to communicate with our partners in the future.

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This week has prepared us for strength and drive; we are focused and have goals in a relationship. If we want to feel safe in our relationships, we know we have to work hard. And since we have a fantastically beneficial transit, Venus sextile to Jupiter, on Sunday, June 28, we will see our efforts bear fruit.

What we invest in our romantic relationships is what we will get, so make sure your intentions are well built, because this week is a lot of luck in realizing dreams and desires.

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