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– Crossing state borders has become a big problem since Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade, but Americans aren’t just thinking about driving from Missouri to Illinois or Arizona to California. Google searches for “how to move to Canada from the US” jumped 850% in an hour after a court announced its abortion decision on Friday, Axios reports. And inquiries about “how to become a Canadian citizen” rose 550% in that hour, according to Google Trends bulletin Simon Rogers. Anyone considering becoming a Canadian over this issue could find encouragement in the government’s response to changes in the US.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the verdict “terrible” and warned that it could eventually lead to a weakening of protection for same-sex couples, according to Washington Post. “Women have been fighting for generations for more rights in the United States, (just) to see this setback, to worry about how it can be extended to deprivation of more rights in the United States,” Trudeau said Saturday. When asked, he didn’t exactly say his government would help American women coming for abortions, but he said, “Every day Americans who find themselves in Canada have access to our health care system in Canada, and that’s certainly something that will continue. ”

Canadian officials began emphasizing this after Politico released a draft majority opinion in the abortion case last month. Abortion is legal in Canada at every stage of pregnancy. “If an American wanted a medical procedure, he could get it, he would just have to pay for it out of his own pocket,” a cabinet member said. “There’s no reason why we should refuse someone to receive that procedure here.” At the same time, according to Politico, Canadians warn Americans that this may not be an easy process. “Waiting lists are over the roof,” Planned Parenthood manager Toronto said in May. “Places that provide abortion or reproductive care in this country are overcrowded.” (Read more Roe v. Wade stories.)

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