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Butler said the “Great Gatsby” star told him that Luhrmann would “keep you out of balance all the time.”

When Austin Butler got the lead role in “Elvis”, He knew he was officially entering the Hollywood stratosphere. Not only has he beaten those like Harry Styles and Miles Teller for the desired part, but he will also be working with the famous extravagant Baz Luhrmann for his first major role. To prepare for a career-changing event, he reached out for Leonardo DiCapriowho saw his career explode after starring in Luhrmann’s film “Romeo + Juliet” and later collaborating with him on “The Great Gatsby”.

In an interview with EWButler revealed the advice DiCaprio gave him about collaborating with an Australian director.

“Leo told me,‘ Baz will keep you off balance all the time and get things out of you [that] you never knew you had it in you, ‘Butler said. “That’s exactly the experience I had.”

Luhrmann’s penchant for frequent last-minute scene changes on the set was a source of frustration for Butler, but the actor believes those open-minded penchants led to some of the best moments in the film.

“There were days when I just thought,‘ Baz, why don’t we just do what we’ve prepared? ’” He said. “I realized that it would push me to the edge of what I am capable of. In a way, catch the lightning in the bottle – if you had just done what you prepared, it might have been more stale. ”

But instead of spontaneous bouts of inspiration, Butler believes these last-minute changes were evidence of Luhrmann’s diligent preparation.

“To play jazz, you have to know music theory,” he said. “You have to know the scales on that guitar inside and out, but at the end of the day you improvise. You have all that knowledge and practice that then goes into the present moment and plays everything in front of you. Such is Baz because he works hard on the preparations. When the time comes for the actual shooting, I will prepare the scene for a year, and suddenly, on the day, the whole scene changes. ”

“Elvis” now plays in theaters.

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