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Warriors with the Fire Emblem: Three Hopes was just launched and, by all accounts, represents a powerful entry into the Warriors series for the Nintendo Switch. We gave him 9/10 in our recent reviewcalling it “a completely entertaining blend of Musou’s earthquake, strategy, and relationship-building aspects”.

The game resonated among fans in just a few days, taking first place in this week’s top ten rankings in the UK. As Christopher Doing from GameIndustry.bizsales for Three Hopes are above predecessors Warriors with a coat of arms and roughly on par with the Hyrule Warriors.

Elsewhere, this is a powerful week for Switch in general, with the console making seven of the top ten spots, including published third-party Minecraft. Animal Crossing: New Horizons sneaked into the top ten for the first time in weeks, and recent hits like Nintendo Switch Sport and Mario Strikers: Battle League continue to demonstrate the broad appeal of the Switch.

just for the end, LEGO Star Wars: The Saga of the Skywalker it is still extremely popular on the Switch compared to other platforms, making up 40% of the game’s total sales.

Here’s your look at the top ten for the week:

Last week This week game

1 Warriors with the Fire Emblem: Three Hopes



Horizon Forbidden West



Mario Strikers: Battle League Football


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe



LEGO Star Wars: The Saga of the Skywalker


Nintendo Switch Sport


7 Pokémon legend: Arceus


8 Minecraft



Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Grand Theft Auto V

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[Compiled by GfK]

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