‘They hate you!’: P! Nk becomes more personal, attacks ‘Sad, old whites’ in anti-GOP screed – The Daily Wire

Singer P! Nk became personal in a series of tweets that attacked Republicans on Sunday, attacking in response to a Supreme Court announcement on Friday overturning notable cases of abortion Roe v. Wade and Planned parenting against Casey.

The three-time Grammy winner addressed the issue earlier Saturday, issuing a swearing tweet encouraging anyone who against abortion that he never listens to her music again — and apparently provoked an answer.

“Let’s be clear: if you believe the government belongs to a woman’s womb, a job or a gay marriage, or that racism is okay- THEN PLEASE NEVER LISTEN TO MY MUSIC ON BEHALF OF YOUR LORD. AND ALSO *** IMMEDIATELY. Are we okay? ”She tweeted.

“Judging by the album sales lately, I don’t think she has to worry about anyone listening to her music lol,” Kyle Lamb she replied.

David Leatherwood added“Attention ladies and gentlemen: @Pink joins the ranks of FORMER gay icons who have officially lost their fucking minds – following close to @Madonna @cher @BetteMidler @BarbraStreisand.”

“Are you still making music?” Ryan James Girdusky asked.

One woman even attributed to P! Nk that he helped save her life when she was suicidal – but said she would no longer listen if the singer really felt that way.

“Wow Alecia. Tell us how you really feel. I had a playlist when I was 17 that I would listen to when I was suicidal. Your song ‘Perfect’ was my favorite. Worn out. That saved my life. But it’s good. I won’t listen anymore because I don’t think we should kill people, “she said He said.

The singer responded to the criticism on Sunday, saying: “I think all our nerves together are scorched by so many years of racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc. + pandemics, mass shootings, wars and total madness, hypocrisy, ignorance of the GOP – it’s all a little . But we will stick together. Good will overcome evil. ”

She followed this with a personal attack on those who mocked her music career, adding, “And to all of you sad, old whites who ask me if I’m still making music. I realize you’ve run out of contact – so ask your kids … Oh wait – you can’t. They hate you. ”

Critics also responded to the tweet, claiming that none of the children listened to P! Nk anyway.

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