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2D fighter Melty Blood: A type of Lumin (based on the visual love novel Type-Moon Tsukihime) will get new DLC characters.

A total of four new fighters will join the battle. Two of them will go on sale in the summer and the other two will be released this winter. These fighters have not yet been discovered. In addition, a number of free updates will be introduced.

01 Additional characters

Here’s a look at what’s next (Thanks, Gematsu):

Free updates:

  • Great updates for all characters and systems.
  • Combined damage is now displayed during combat.
  • Enlarged slots for custom colors in custom mode.
  • Added “Save State and Resume State” to restart the mode.
  • A new feature has been added to Replay Mode to make watching replays more convenient.
  • Changed to be able to pass when the number of players in the room is small in a player’s match.
  • Modified function of inviting players to matches for ranked matches.
  • The training readiness status for ranked matches has been changed to facilitate pairing.
  • Functional modification and improvement of network mode.
  • Other major upgrades and feature additions are also planned!

Other game updates

  • Two new official tournament commemorative plaques can be purchased on the menu screen for 4000 CP.
  • Approximately 400 free words added.
  • Added simple messages to player matches.

There will be ia special tournament hosted the “Eliphant” in the US – with participation awards, cash prizes and more. And here’s a little more about Melty Blood (via the Nintendo official website) along with a look:

“Melty Blood is being reborn. This is the latest addition to a series of 2D fighting games based on the visual love novel TYPE-MOON, Tsukihime. The curtain is once again raised on dramatic battles played with famous characters from Tsukihime – a piece of blue glass moon-.”

Have you tried this game on Switch? Interested in more combat DLCs? Comment below.

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