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Because of a Malaysian seller, there are at least two Pixel 6a units in the wild before launch next month. A couple of new videos in recent days provide more details about the Pixel 6a, including a look at how much better the fingerprint sensor is.

Before watching, it’s important to note that the Pixel 6a runs software that isn’t final. We previously learned that these units were on april security patch. The updates on the first day will surely bring all the repairs and optimizations made in the last three months.

With that in mind, the first video comes from Fazli Halim on YouTube with the Pixel 6a compared to the 6 Pro. Google has previously said that 6a uses a different fingerprint sensor below the screen compared to last year’s Pixel flagship line.

Medium appears faster – video below check at 4:55 – in recognizing your finger with less contact that is seemingly needed. From the quick thumb placement we see that the 6a unlocks more often than the 6 Pro. This hints well at newer hardware and we hope Google will use it in the future as existing owners typically encounter “Wait a little longer”.

Izami Gadget YouTube Account does a camera comparison between Pixel 6a and iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s really not fair for a mid-range phone to go against the flagship model, while Google will certainly further tweak the camera before launch. This could explain why the Pixel 6a overturned for shooting after four minutes of video and an additional four spent on photos.

The device is too hot. Close the camera until the device has cooled down.

It is said that the metal frame is specially heated. Meanwhile, one shot (as seen in our cover image above) shows dust gathering dullly under the camera strip.

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