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The new MacBook Air was introduced with a brand new design, M2 chip and a host of other impressive upgrades. This means it’s the ideal time to share your old MacBook before the new MacBook Air in July to get the most value from your device. Here’s a look at the best MacBook replacement values ​​including a 10% cash bonus from our official replacement partner Decluttr with code “9TO5MAC“.

Selling your old MacBook can be a headache when you try to deal with it yourself or use an online auction. But you don’t have to sacrifice getting the desired replacement value for a smooth experience.

Below we have the best values ​​for exchanging a MacBook for cash, as well as an Apple Store credit and more. These are all services that the 9to5Mac team used to sell our personal devices.

If you’re interested in how the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro compare to the current offering, check out our full guide:

We also have a guide on how to reset your MacBook before selling:

Best values ​​to replace your MacBook

Decluttr – 9to5Mac’s official trading partner

Get a 28-day price lock period ia 10% cash bonus (up to $ 30) from Decluttra for your code replacement ”9TO5MAC“.

Our favorite partner is Decluttr – the company behind our official trade portal. In many, if not all, cases, Decluttr has the best balance of generous replacement values, impeccable experience, and customer service you’ll find on the web.

Replacement values ​​for MacBook Pro with 10% bonus

Replacement values ​​for MacBook Air with 10% bonus

Values ​​Apple trade-in

Direct store with Apple:

  • MacBook Pro – do $ 1,000 Credit for the Apple Store
  • MacBook Air – do $ 400 Credit for the Apple Store

Other options

Pages like eBay are another way you can go if you are okay with extra work and potential risks such as having a customer return your MacBook and a longer time frame for the process. Keep in mind that you will need to decide whether to conduct a “Buy Now” auction or sale along with if you want to set a backup price and more.

Recently sold MacBooks on eBay:

  • MacBook Pro – up to 1500 USD
  • MacBook Air – up to 1000 USD

While Amazon offers replacements for iPad and other small electronics, offers no replacement for MacBooks. The only way to sell your Mac on Amazon would be if you have a reseller account set up.

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