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A pirated version of the Elden Ring compatible with the Jailbroken PS4 (9.00, but also 5.05, 6.72, 7.02 and 7.55) was released a few days ago. Here’s why it’s a big deal.

Elden Ring PS4 firmware requirements

We don’t usually talk about Warez releases here on, and for good reasons. But this one release stands out because the Elden ring requires PS4 Firmware 9.03, firmware that hasn’t been hacked yet, so in theory it’s not possible to eject files.

Usually backports are done from Jailbreakable firmware to another. For example, it is “easy” to backport a game with a 9.00 requirement, to e.g. 5.05, because the game can be ejected from Jailbroken 9.00 and then adapted to lower firmware.

Not so much with 9.03, the firmware that remains to be completely hacked.

A member of the PS4 Scene CyB1K somehow managed to backport the Elden Ring and its 9.03 request to 9.00 and other older firmware. As for the way he did it, he just said that he was helped by a “friend hacker”.

Other PS4 games on the way to 9.00 backport?

Firmware requirements for new games on the PS4 are currently just an anti-piracy measure. It is unlikely that a game that requires 9.03, 9.04, or 9.50 will actually use any “features” that would not be available at 9.00.

Therefore, the question that many people now ask is whether other games, such as Horizon Forbidden Westcould get the same treatment.

CyB1K replied that people should not hope. But without any additional details, it’s hard to understand if the “friend hacker” used some specific problem with Elden Ring himself or some people have access to a more general method of throwing PS4 games with higher hardware requirements.

Some people speculate that it is recent BD-JB It may have something to do with it, others that a group of people use undetected exploitation of the kernel. But CyB1K’s response seems to hint at a specific flaw in Elden Ring himself.

Screenshot of Elden Ring pkg file, DED FR on logic-sunrise

Source: CyB1K

Note: For obvious reasons, do not share any links to the pirate game in the comments section, thank you. The best way to enjoy the Elden Ring is to buy the game and run it on your updated console.

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