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Bernie Stolar

Carpenter pictured during Dreamcast launch
Photography: Associated Press (AP)

Bernie Stolar, one of the most important video game executives of the 1990s, has died at the age of 75, GamesBeat reports.

Carpenter started working in the video game business in 1980, first founding a coin-op company before moving to Atari. There he did everything from working on their arcade games, their subsequent efforts on the home console, to of all, leading development on Lynx, Atari’s infamously huge handheld device.

He then moved to Sony where he helped found the U.S. division of the PlayStation brand and was the company’s first executive vice president. While at Sony, his greatest achievement was the line-up of numerous studios and properties for the early PlayStation gaming library – forming relationships that in many cases lasted 2022 – including Ridge Racer,, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

After the launch of the PlayStation, The carpenter moved to rival Sega, where he did not interfere. As GamesBeat he remembers:

“When I arrived in Sega I immediately said,‘ We have to kill Saturn. We need to stop Saturn and start building new technology. ‘ That’s what I did. I brought in a new team of people and cleaned the house. There were about 300 employees and I reduced the company to 90 employees so that we could start the renovation “, said Stolar.

Doc with Sega, Carpenter has signed another visionary long-term signature, buying a studio called Visual Concepts that will become 2K Sports in the future, and which continues to release NBA 2K series to date.

Carpenter’s career after the 90’s was marked by spells in Mattel (where he forced the company to double production Barbie video games) and Google, where he served as the company’s first “Games Evangelist,” the position he tried to use to advocate the idea of ​​streaming the game service, something the company then rejected, and then …he would visit again a decade later, long after the Carpenter had left, before he had completely screwed it up.

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