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Happiness comes to us today in the form of aggressive love and passionate relationship. We are not talking about force; we talk about what happens to a person when they realize they have a good thing in the person they are with and when they are wise enough to realize that it is worth fighting for.

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And so, the three signs of the zodiac will be active on the ball today, when it comes to strengthening their relationship. This is not a day of ‘occasional dating’; this is the day ‘Until death do us part’. We think of work on June 27, when it comes to love and devotion.

As for transit, we have mercury in the conjunction of the Moon that helps us fulfill our mission. We have a burning desire to make sure ours the partner-person is on the same page as we are, which means we need to open them up to find out if they love us as much as we love them.

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Our passion for knowledge will be rewarded with the answer we want: yes, they love us equally, and yes, they intend to spend their lives with us, grow, learn, and be.

We also look at how retrograde Neptune affects the mind of a person in love. What can happen to you is that you are in contact with some of your personal ideas, only to discover that you have erred in certain things all along.

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