8 Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Need in 2022

Technology has made cooking simpler and easier than ever before, but there’s still always room for improvement, especially when it comes to food preparation gadgets. Here are eight kitchen gadgets you’ll need in 2022, plus some modern alternatives that already exist today!

1) Vegetable Slicer

The blades on a vegetable slicer can quickly turn potatoes, cucumbers, ss hiquash, apples, and other hard vegetables into thin-sliced or julienned pieces. Typically these slicers are made of metal with an adjustable blade that slots into a groove at the bottom of the slicer. These come with either a plain or serrated blade that cuts through vegetables easier. Some also come with measuring cups to help you slice vegetables uniformly so they will cook evenly on the stovetop.

2) Breakfast Cooker

Morning smoothies are all the rage, and it’s no wonder why – drinking a nutritious fruit or vegetable-filled breakfast has never been easier than pressing a button on this countertop machine. But that’s not the only thing you can make with it! Keep reading to find out what other cool gadgets might be lurking behind your fridge’s doors…

3) Fruit & Veggie Squeezer

Here’s a list of kitchen gadgets we think you’ll need for the future, courtesy of Whirlpool Canada. The smartest kitchen can also include smart gadgets to make cooking faster and easier. First up is the OXO Fruit & Veggie Squeezer which helps turn pre-chopped fruits and vegetables into 100% juice.

Nut milker

You might be wondering why the heck someone would need a nut milk machine, or you might be really looking forward to finally getting your hands on one. Well, either way, I’m going to tell you! If you’re into vegan cooking (or any type of cooking) then you probably know that most canned vegetable stocks and pastes can get pretty expensive and they taste kinda like mush. You also don’t want to use canned tomatoes because they have the awful Goya seasoning blend.

5) Smart Meat Chopper

The Smart Meat Chopper turns any tough or fatty piece of meat into something tender and delicious. The secret? Just set the chopper to your desired consistency, then use the built-in suction cup feet to firmly secure it onto any smooth surface such as your kitchen counter. When you’re done chopping, pop off the lid and place it on top of its protective base before rotating a knob to release the chopped meat.

6) Handheld Waffle Maker

The handheld waffle maker has 3 deep pockets so you can cook three round waffles at the same time. It takes up less space on your countertop, and cooks your waffles more evenly than a traditional waffle maker. Plus, they’re easier to clean because they have a non-stick coating. Additionally, the outside of this type of waffle maker is easy to grip with wet hands, making it perfect for cleaning after making batter or other sticky substances. These also work well for people who are looking for gluten-free options!

7) Immersion Blender

7) Immersion Blender

kitchen gadgets you will need in 2022

An immersion blender can easily turn your soup, sauce, or smoothie into a creamy, dreamy texture. It comes with different attachments for different purposes and is also easy to clean. Immersion blenders are great for puréeing, whipping cream, mashing potatoes and more.

8) Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray

The function of a water bottle ice cube tray is quite simple. Put a water bottle into the freezer, allow the ice to form and pop it out when done. These trays are great for keeping drinks cold without diluting them with melted ice cubes or for making a large batch of iced tea or lemonade without watering down your favorite beverage. They also help save space in the freezer as they take up less room than traditional ice cube trays.

The best part about these frozen goodies? They don’t need any electricity or time-consuming production.

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