What To Know About Having Friends or Not

Do you need friends? It’s an important question, because even if you don’t like the answer, it will dictate how you spend your time, what kind of relationships you develop, and how much effort you put into maintaining them. Do you wish that more people would be interested in spending time with you? Are there … Read more

Tips To Set Goals And Achieve Them

Setting goals can seem like an intimidating task if you’ve never done it before. You may be wondering what kinds of goals are most effective and how to actually accomplish them when you set them, especially if they’re not tangible tasks like wash the dishes or exercise five times this week. However, goals are an … Read more

 9 Ways to Discover Yourself

The vast world around us is filled with so many different people and personalities, it’s no wonder we often get the sense that we don’t really know who we are as individuals. But what if you were able to discover yourself on your own terms?  Here are 9 ways to discover yourself in life, love, … Read more

5 Ways to Keep Your Friends Close

One of the worst things about losing friends over time is how easy it happens. Sometimes you forget to call, or you just get caught up in your own life, and before you know it, you haven’t seen a friend in months. To avoid losing your friends entirely, follow these five steps to keeping your … Read more